We are proud to have funded 50 projects and counting!

Here are some of the notes we have received from teachers: 


Thank you so much for your generous gift! We are using our cash registers nearly every day and the kids are loving it! We run our school store Monday through Thursday during arrival time, and we serve different areas of our school on different days. Our school has nearly 1,000 students and many have already shopped with us. Because of the craziness of the beginning of the year, we did not create our business until late October. Even though we've only been running for a few weeks, we have had an incredible amount of sales, topping around $1,000. 

To begin our business, fourth grade students went through the hiring process, and 14 students were chosen as sales clerks. These students have worked very hard at learning the process of cashiering. The cash registers have had a tremendous impact on them and how they understand giving change. Through learning how to work the registers they have gained a new respect for this line of work. They have also gained respect for the need of accuracy and customer service. 

The cash registers are just the icing on the cake to all of the learning that is really going on in these students' lives. They have been a part of the entire entrepreneurial journey so far. We have considered our stakeholders, market researched, studied the art of customer service, purchased inventory, taken inventory, learned and applied marketing strategies, and so much more, not to mention all of the real-world skills they've honed, like collaboration, relationship building, problem-solving, etc.

Through your gift of these cash registers, you have really inspired our students, and have made our store seem so much more "real." They truly are excited to "work" in our store and feel such a sense of pride when standing behind those registers. As their facilitator, I really appreciate your funding of this financial literacy opportunity. From customers making purchases and rendering cash, to our cashiers counting back change, countless students have been impacted for the better with your gift of these cash registers!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Lee

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Dear Financial Grownup,

It is with shock and awe and immense gratitude that I write this thank you note. Upon receiving this email my students were beginning to pack their things and I told them about our new computer and they are already coming up with new and exciting video projects to create with it. Thank you for your generosity and kindness--I cannot put into worlds the difference you have already made in our classroom. From the bottom of my heart and at the top of my students' lungs we say we appreciate you. We can't wait to share what we'all create with your gift!

With gratitude,
Ms. Monte

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Dear Financial Grownup,

If you donated to this project and felt some chills on your arms tonight or possibly heard some cheering, it was me when I checked my account and saw the "Fully Funded" email for this Financial Literacy project. I was so excited and giddy about it! This has been a long time planning, wishing, and hoping to have these materials. I had submitted a similar project last spring, but with the slow-down during the summer, it expired. I believed in this project so much that I resubmitted it, and thanks to you, it will now be a reality. 

I believe it is super important to help our young students learn about earning, saving, and spending money. Most of my students will learn to identify coins this year. They will love having a classroom store where they can earn "play" money and make plans to buy items in our classroom store. Thank you for giving us such fun items to work with. I have created some awesome flip charts to teach about money, and the Bose speaker with work great for the songs we'll be singing and digital games we will be playing.

Thank you for taking care of some of the most awesome first graders in this country. I just know they are going to grow up to be our future leaders, bankers, politicians, lawyers, doctors, computer scientists, etc. I don't know which ones will do these jobs, so I have to teach them all as though they will be super successful. Thanks to you, I don't have to worry about the "materials" needed to give them the best education possible. You are making that happen with your donations and support. Bless you! On behalf of my amazing first graders, we thank you from the bottom of our little Idaho hearts!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Hunt

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Dear Financial Grownup,

I cannot thank you enough for the donations that you gave to fund my project. Technology makes a difference in my students' educational experience and having the 3 additional computers in our classroom will make a notable difference. I am truly moved by your generosity and support.

Thank you again!

With gratitude,
Ms. Skloot

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Dear Financial Grownup,

Thank you so much for investing in my students' success. Financial literacy is such an important part of being successful adults and with the resources you have funded, my students will have a firm foundation. I cannot wait to see these engaging resources in their hands and their minds learning!

With gratitude,
Mrs. McCartney

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Dear How to Be a Financial Grownup,

I am speechless and continually and positively amazed at the generosity of so many people from around globe. I am so thankful for the Donorschoose Organization and for each and every donor that helps to translate clever lesson ideas into a learning experience. Thank you. Thank you for choosing to make a difference in the lives of my students.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Shepherd

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Dear Financial Grownup,

Thank you for helping our students by funding this much needed project to put two 3D printers into our STEAM/ MakerSpace lab! The children are going to be so excited when they hear the news! Financial Literacy is an important topic for everyone and elementary is a great place to introduce, explain and then put it into practice. Your care and contributions are extremely and sincerely appreciated!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Duncan

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I'm so excited about the funding of my project, "Stepping Into the Market!" The support of the DonorsChoose community is overwhelming and I feel so blessed to know so many people that value public education as much as you do. Thank you again for allowing me to provide these materials for my students. This project will allow them to learn how the Stock Market works and transfer their knowledge into real-life.”

With gratitude,

Mrs. Dixon

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Dear How to Be a Financial Grownup,

Thank you for your support. My students will be so excited to receive these materials. They will acquire so many math skills as they use it in an engaging and interactive way. They will learn how to count, identify money, as well as compare numbers using the cash register. The rolling marketplace will allow many active ways to learn about financial literacy. Many blessings to you.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Ross

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Dear How to Be a Financial Grownup,

Thank you so much for your donation to my classroom! My students will be thrilled to see the supplies and books as they arrive!! Your donations will allow my students to experience Economics through a variety of resources. I can not wait to begin receiving these items!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Malugen

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Bobbi Rebell wrote “How to be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom" to raise awareness about the urgent need to promote financial literacy. 

According to PwC, less than a quarter of millennials (18-35 years old) demonstrated basic financial knowledge. A lot of that has to do with our failure to prioritize teaching financial literacy in the classroom. 

PwC found that only 12 percent of K-12 teachers incorporate financial education into their classroom.

Please join Bobbi and  #financialgrownup Role Model Elliot Weissbluth Founder and CEO of HighTower, in supporting Role Model Charles Best and his organization DonorsChoose.org in funding classroom projects that help teachers and students learn about money and prepare for their financial future as adults. 

Bobbi will be donating a portion of her speaking fee profits to DonorsChoose.org. To book her to speak email info@financialgrownup.com or Adam Kirschner at adam@alktalent.com

To donate to financial literacy projects at DonorsChoose.org go to DonorsChoose.org/financialgrownup

Thank you for your support!!!!