By Jo Piazza

Strap on your seatbelt and join the fantastic Jo Piazza for an adventure across the globe. After saying 'I do' to her boyfriend of just a few months, the prolific writer decided to travel the world learning how other cultures approached being married and gathered up a wealth of advice. 


Money: Master the Game

By Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins is able to captivate a readers attention like no one else. He is larger than life, but is still able to connect with everyone he meets. I’ve interviewed hundreds of successful people, but Tony is truly in a league of his own with his passion and enthusiasm. I’ll be honest, his book, Money Master the Game, is not an easy read, but it is worth putting in the time. 

The Automatic Millionaire

A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich

By David Bach

Iconic author David Bach's philosophy of paying attention to life's little expenses has literally changed the way we look at our financial lives. I even talk about his "Latte Factor" theory in "How to be a Financial Grownup" because it was so groundbreaking.  David Bach is back with a new edition of The Automatic Millionaire, his classic take on getting rich by automating your financial life.  I recently had the thrill of meeting Bach in person and thanking him for all the great advice he has shared over the years. This book promises more of the same.  

Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms

By Amanda Steinberg

I can't wait to read Financial Grownup Role Model Amanda Steinberg's upcoming book! If you loved her grownup moment, there's lots more wisdom where that came from. Amanda shares her first-hand experiences and the stories of other incredible women who view money as a source of freedom and independence. I've already pre-ordered!

What a thrill to have Ellevate Network and Ellevest President Sallie Krawcheck as a #FinancialGrownup role model! Her story is a standout, and a candid warning to women everywhere to pay attention to your money, no matter how much you love your honey. Get more of her candid wisdom in Own It. Picking up the women and success conversation where Sheryl Sandberg left off, Sallie Krawcheck offers women a new set of rules to take their careers to the next level. Women are on the brink of an extraordinary rise. It’s time to OWN IT.


Money Queen’s Guide

By Cary Carbonaro
Financial Grownup Cary Carbonaro has been an incredible friend, mentor and source for me. Her book walks women through the decades and guides them on what they need to do to be financially successful. 

Smart Mom Rich Mom

By Kimberly Palmer
As a business journalist and mom, I relate to so much of what Kimberly Palmer has to say in “Smart Mom, Rich Mom.”  Palmer combines updated classic common sense with actionable modern advice in a way that is motivating and encouraging.  She is like a personal money cheerleader to
get moms on the right track at just the right time.

Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money

By Kevin O'Leary
Kevin O’Leary may act like a shark on his hit show “Shark Tank” but when it comes to advice about money, he’s the best friend you will ever have. I interviewed Kevin regularly for Reuters, and he knows his stuff. He is as blunt as ever in “The Cold Hard Truth” books, but he’s right. Read the book and follow the directions. 

The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber

By Ron Lieber 
Ron Lieber’s book is a personal favorite, and a great roadmap for parents who, well, don’t want spoiled kids. Ron uses relatable real- life examples of how families are confronted with tough decisions raising their children, and provides actionable specific solutions we can all implement. I am personally a fan of the audio version, with warm and funny Ron’s narration.

The New American Diet by Stephen Perrine

By Stephen Perrine 
I was thrilled when my friend Stephen Perrine agreed to offer his advice on healthy eating. He explains in the book that to be financially successful, you have to be healthy. But you also have to be financially smart about how and where you spend your money on the right foods. He is such an inspiration. For more of his incredible expertise on how to eat the best food, and be as healthy and focused as possible- check out his classic The New American Diet. 

Get Rich Carefully

By James Cramer
Jim Cramer has become an American icon. Despite his larger-than-life personality on his show, as per his book title, he advocates responsible investing. His enthusiasm for the American dream is infectious, and has helped countless fans achieve their dreams. This is just one of his many fantastic books.

Zillow Talk

By Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries
I’ve been fortunate to interview both authors of what has become the new gold standard of real estate books. Zillow’s data on the real estate market is second to none. The best part of Zillow Talk is that Spencer and Stan break it all down into a great read. As I talk about in my book we all have to deal with real estate in some form or another, so everyone can relate to fascinating findings of Zillow Talk.

Users, Not Customers: Who Really Determines the Success of Your Business 

By Aaron Shapiro 

Role Model Aaron Shapiro, CEO of Huge cuts to the chase. If you still think "the customer is king," you're falling behind. Today's most powerful growth engine is users--people who interact with a company through digital media and technology even if they have never spent a dime. Become indispensable to users and the profits will follow.


Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave 

By Jill Kargman
Everyone needs a break from getting smart about money. Jill Kargman’s latest novel is the best way to have some laughs, and relax. The star of the Bravo hit comedy “Odd Mom Out” and countless hysterically funny novels delivers once again with “Sparkle Glitter on my Grave”.


By Drew Barrymore
Drew is a Role Model in "How to Be a Financial Grownup" for good reason. Read this book and it will be crystal clear. Because of her acting talent and charming personality (to which I can personally testify) many people assume her success was handed to her. After all, she's the granddaughter of the legendary John Barrymore. So wrong. Drew earned everything she has. Think those fantastic movies she has done with Adam Sandler just "happened" for her? No way. Drew had a plan. She was strategic, smart and yes charming. You'll love that story.  Independent by her early teens, she had to claw her way back into show business against all odds, eventually owning her future with her own film production company and more recently her Flower beauty business.    Learn more about this iconic American actor and business woman in her New York Times Bestseller “Wildflower’.

The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

By Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack
I could not put down this excellent book by my friend Helaine Olen and her co-writer Harold Pollack. They cut through all the clutter and noise out there, and help readers get to the heart of what really matters to get their finances in order. The Index Card is a great tool for anyone who feels overwhelmed by information overload and just wants to get their finances in order, and move on to enjoy their life

Secrets of an Organized Mom

By Barbara Reich

Must-read book by the top organization expert Barbara Reich. She will transform how you approach your stuff and in turn your financial well being.