Christie Brinkley, Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and Inspired Money's Andrew Wang

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Investment advisor Andy Wang, host of the Inspired Money podcast, stepped out of his comfort zone, tried something that scared him, and connected with new clients and friends including celebrities like Christie Brinkley. 

In Andy’s money story you will learn:

-How Andy balances his hobbies with his growing business and podcast

-The strategy Andy uses to overcome his fear of trying new things

-Why he originally stopped guitar lessons after just 4 sessions- and what brought him back to music

-What is Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar?

-The big call he got from Christie Brinkley’s team

In Andy’s money lesson you will learn:

-How having a hobby that opens him up to new experiences grows his social and business circle

-Why he believes the most successful people are those who force themselves out of their comfort zones

-The quote from Tina Fey that inspires Andy

In Andy’s everyday money tip you will learn:

-How to recover from mistakes

-Specifically what to do if you own a stock that is not performing- and most importantly what to do next if you still believe in the stock

-How to keep up with your investments and automate them so you can be free to do other things

In my take you will learn:

-tips for things you can automate in addition to bill paying and investing

-how to get more sleep, to be more productive in business

-the importance of letting clients see you outside of transactional and business settings in order to build longer and stronger relationships


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