Bold CEO Carrie Sheffield blows a huge inheritance but comes back stronger and wiser

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Bold CEO Carrie Sheffield inherited a small fortune. But when she tried to invest it wisely, advice from a well-meaning relative  wreaked havoc on her financial ambitions- and nearly caused her to drop out of school. 



In Carrie’s story you will learn:

-How Carrie’s childhood as a Mormon influenced her financial ambitions

-Carrie’s experience growing up in trailer parks and mobile homes

-How a lack of financial education hurt her ability to manage an unexpected inheritance

-Why she chose to invest it all in one thing

-How an investment nearly cost her MORE money than she even put in. 

-What is a REIT

-What is a capital call


In Carrie’s lesson you will learn: 

-Why Carrie thinks women can be more intimidated when they think about money

-How she advises women to control their financial future

-Where she  believes the best resources to learn about money


In Carrie’s money tip you will learn:

-How Carrie plans for long term goals

-Why a timeline is essential

-How being an entrepreneur impacts her financial planning


In my take you will learn: 

-Why diversification is essential when you invest

-How dollar cost averaging can fit into your investment strategy


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