Cary Carbonaro CFP® did not get invited to the (debt) party in college

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Certified Financial Planner Cary Carbonaro watched enviously from the sidelines as her fellow students splurged on so-called living expenses in college when their student loan checks came due. But for the author of The Money Queen’s guide-For Women who want to build wealth and banish fear-  post-graduation the tables were turned. 


In Cary’s money story you will learn:

-The choice Cary’s father gave her in choosing a college

-The criteria Cary used to decide which college to attend

-What Cary had to go to the library to look up

-How that trip to the library informed her attitude towards money and debt

-The one key mistake her college friends were making that put them in a downward financial tradjectory

-The consequences of the mistake and how it made Cary’s financial life so different from many of her peers

In Cary’s lesson you will learn:

-Strategies to lower student debt both in college and after college

-How and why women’s financial needs differ so much from those of men

-The behaviors that drive the money gender gap

-How men and women’s investing strategies differ

In Cary’s money tip you will learn:

-How to leverage your home to earn tax free income

In my take you will learn:

-How to use quirks in our tax code to your advantage

-How the IRS views the sharing economy, and the tax rules about these emerging businesses

-Specific ways to help friends and family who are spending student loan money on things other than education

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