Don't Order Lobster at the diner with "Employee of the Month's" Catie Lazarus

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Comedian Catie Lazarus does not just host Employee of the Month, she also runs the business that supports it. Being the boss means setting realistic expectations for her team, and dealing with those who aren’t on board with her mission. 

In Catie’s money story you will learn:

-The real reason Catie started “Employee of the Month"

-The behind-the-scenes challenges of running a live show/podcast

-The employer side of pay negotiation

-Why Catie is talking about lobsters and diners and how that relates to deciding the right compensation

In Catie’s money lesson you will learn:

-How to evaluate if your pay expectations are realistic for the company or organization that you want to work for or if you need to rethink your approach

-How to tell the difference between being unfairly underpaid, and being paid what the employer can afford

-The benefits of being flexible with your compensation, if the position aligns with your goals

In Catie’s money tip you will learn:

-Her tips on negotiating

-How to navigate the implicit and explicit biases in the work place

-How Catie incorporates her degree in clinical psychology into her business decisions and negotiations

-Strategies to use statistics in your negotiations

In my take you will learn:

-Why and how to take the big picture into account when asking for a raise

-The importance of keeping up your work quality and attitude even if you are turned down for a raise or promotion

-Why it is ok to do something a second or even a third time until you get it right. 

-It’s not about perfection but it is about doing your best, and presenting the best product. 

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