A money and real estate therapy session with “The Behavioral Investor” author Dr. Daniel Crosby

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Dr. Daniel Crosby is great at helping others come to grips with their often irrational money related behavior. But just 3 years ago when it came time to make a big real estate decision, his own insecurities and money issues drove a decision he now regrets. 

In Daniel's money story you will learn:

  • Why he feels like buying a big house was his biggest financial mistake

  • The reasons behind his move and why he wanted a big house

  • Why moving to a different neighborhood or a slightly smaller house doesn't make financial sense

In Daniel’s money lesson you will learn:

  • Why buying a home isn't the way to buy happiness

  • Why it's important, when making financial decisions, to look at your emotions and insecurities behind your decisions

In Daniel's everyday money tip you will learn:

  • Why it's important to identify a point of weakness in your financial lives

In My Take you will learn:

  • If you own it, own it

  • Why it's important to realize that because you can "afford it" doesn't mean you have to buy at the top of your budget

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