8 Steps to Being a Great DIY Investor with Clint Haynes

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Investing can be intimidating, but there are some simple basic steps that can put anyone on the path to success. NextGen Wealth founder Clint Haynes CFP® walks us through 8 steps to get started investing, including how to decide how long to own a stock, if and when you should pay fees, which stocks make sense with your goals, and how to understand the role emotions can play in our investment decisions. 

8 Steps to Becoming a Great DIY Investor

  • Understand How to Invest for the Timeframe for Each Goal

  • Understand the Role Your Emotions Play in Investing

  • Your Investments Will Lose Money on Average Every 3-5 Years

  • Each Goal Should Have Its Own Specific Portfolio/Bucket

  • Rebalance Your Portfolio(s) at Least Annually

  • Choose Investments with Low Fees and Expenses

  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel When Creating Your Own Portfolio(s)

  • Monitor Your Investments Quarterly to Annually

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