Financial Grownup Guide: 5 Ways Couples Can Learn to be Financial Grownups Together with Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Samantha Daniels

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Matchmaker and relationship expert Samantha Daniels joins Bobbi to share her top tips to have financially grownup relationships including what to do if you are a spender and your partner is a saver (or vice versa), exactly when and how to talk about money, who pays when you go out and how to protect your relationship when you finances are under pressure. 

  1. Understand each other's theories on finances so that you can predict how your partner might react to a given situation (splurging vs conservative, over spender vs saving or a rainy day, spontaneous, etc)

  2. If one person is making all the money, make sure the other person feels comfortable that they are sharing the money. There can be a lot of built-up resentment if the non-earning spouse feels like he or she needs to "ask permission" each time they want to spend which isn't good for the relationship.

  3. Decide who will pay when you go out as a couple. Who has the credit card, who takes it out of their wallet, regardless of who makes more money.

  4. Decide who is going to take care of the monthly finances- all the monthly bills and then create an account that is for those bills so you make sure you can pay them each month without a discussion.

  5. If you are going through financially hard times, come to an agreement about priorities on how to spend the money you do have and come up with a budget that works for both of you.

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