Financial Grownup Guide: Organizational Tips for Financial Grownups with Pro-organizer Resourceful Consultants and "Secrets of an Organized Mom" author Barbara Reich

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A big part of being a financial grownup is getting organized- and not just with our finances. This goes for our stuff, our technology and even our scheduling. Barbara Reich has shared her secrets with millions appearing on programs like the Today Show and in publications like the New York Times, and now shares with financial grownup listeners.

Here 3 organizational tips for Financial Grownups

  • The importance of knowing what you have

  • Why it's important to store things where you can find them

  • How labeling what you have can really help to keep things organized

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This topic became top of mind recently  because we’ve been updating my son’s room and doing some cleaning out and we find things that we love- that we had no idea we had. Which is why I reached out to my go-to professional organizer Barbara Reich. She heads Resourceful Consultants- You may have seen her many tv appearances places like the today show, or read her advice in places like the NY Times. She is also the author of Secrets of an Organized Mom and I get to call her my friend. 

Hi Barb!

Before we get into your tips- I know you take a 360 approach to getting organized- that means everything gets scrutinized- not just stuff in someone’s home but their schedule.. even their apps and technology.. 

Bobbi: Let’s get into Barb's’s tips: 

  • Know what you have.

  • Store things where you can find them.

  • Label what you have.

Final question: What is the #1 thing someone should do the minute they are done with this podcast that can make an impact in being more organized?