The Cost of You with Wealth Actually author Frazer Rice

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In Frazer’s money story you will learn:

-How to calculate how much money to save before quitting a job 

-How to know whether you should to tell your employer about a side hustle

In Frazer’s money lesson you will learn:

-What are the factors that determine how much time and money goes into building a business

-Different ways to to save money before investing full-time in a personal company

In Frazer’s everyday money tip you will learn:

-Examples of creative ways to teach kids about giving to their community

-Specific ways, including games, that encourage cooperation between kids on money decisions

In My Take you will learn:

-Why it's ok to keep secrets at work

-Ways to consistently give to charity

Bobbi and Frazer also talk about:

-How to find out what it actually costs to live your life.


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