How to fund your Olympic dreams with Silver Medalist Jeremiah Brown

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Canadian rower Jeremiah Brown, author of “The 4 Year Olympian”  had a dream- to make it to the Olympics in four years- without sinking into debt. That meant downsizing, living lean, and learning how to get the most financial  support possible for his athletic ambitions. 

In Jeremiah’s money story you will learn:

-How Jeremiah funded his Olympic dream on a 4 year timetable

-Specifically how he cut his expenses despite having a young child to support

-The funding he got from the Canadian government and how the system works to support athletes

-How he estimated the funding he would need, and then worked towards that goal

- The strategy he used to negotiate extra leave from his job with TD Ameritrade

In Jeremiah’s money lesson you will learn:

-The importance of financial planning for the psychological well-being of athletes

-Not to defer your life dreams for fear of missing out on short term financial goals

-How to get the support of your employer for a big personal goal or project

In Jeremiah’s money tip you will learn:

-One way to save money each and every time you buy food outside the home

-How being both budget conscious and environmentally conscious can go hand in hand

In my take you will learn:

-The importance of sharing money lessons in the moment with your kids

-How asking for a little more from your employer can pay off

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