Lauren Smith Brody says no to the offer she thought she always wanted

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Lauren Smith Brody, author of The Fifth Trimester turned down a high prestige offer when she realized saying yes would make her feel like a fraud. Then, a surprise turn of events proved the decision was the right one. 


In Lauren’s story you will learn:

-Why she turned down a speaking engagement invitation she really wanted

-How her entrepreneur philosophy has changed since her book was released

-How turning down that so-called opportunity led to better ones

In Lauren’s lesson you will learn:

-How she balances her desire to volunteer with the importance of being paid for your work

-Her specific strategy to put a price on your time- even when you are volunteering

-Specific ways parents can evaluate how much time to allocate to different commitments

In Lauren’s money tip you will learn:

-The specific way she decides what to outsource, and what to do for herself

-Tips for entrepreneurs on setting up their business

-How taking the time to learn new skills like setting up a website and putting together presentations, improved her value as an entrepreneur. 

-What she chose to outsource and the mistakes she made along the way. 

In my take you will learn:

-Why you need to decide if you are a business, or a hobby. 

-How to evaluate the true vale of an opportunity, beyond the direct financial benefit

-Why I am adamant that entrepreneurs must trademark their brands


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