Lynnette Khalfani-Cox played hide and seek from her debt

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Money expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox admits she was “young and dumb” when she owed money and could not pay it back. Instead of facing her reality- she hoped if she ignored it, it would go away. It did not. 

In Lynnette’s money story you will learn:

-Why she decided to borrow money from family

-The reason she was not able to pay it back despite having a plan

-Why she hid from several creditors- and her creative cover ups

-The devastating consequences of not paying her debt

In Lynnette’s lesson you will learn:

-Strategies to identify in advance when you are buying to impress others at your own expense

-No one who loves you is going to want you to go into debt for them

-You can run but you can’t hide from debt

In Lynnette’s money tip you will learn:

-The 3 questions Lynnette and  her husband ask each other before taking on debt

-How to borrow strategically

In my take you will learn

-The importance of facing up to your debt

-The danger of getting creditors involved

-Strategies to lower your obligations including meeting in person and negotiating lower payments

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