The double hustle that erased Making Sense of Cent's Michelle Schroeder-Gardner's debt

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Facing a decade of debt, financial analyst turned blogger Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents got to work, side-hustling like her financial freedom depended on it- because it did. 

In Michelle’s money story you will learn

-The big mistake Michelle made in college that created unnecessary student debt

-The motivation to accelerate paying down her loans

-How Michelle paid of $40,000 in student loans in seven months

-The specific things she did to not just cut expenses but also to boost her top line income

-How and why she chose the side-hustles that helped her achieve her goals

-How she turned a hobby into a full time six-figure a month business

-What is a double hustle vs a side hustle


In Michelle’s money lesson you will learn:

-How to find the time for a side hustle when you have a full time job


In Michelle’s money tip you will learn

-How to find side hustles that will also bring you joy

-Why blogging and managing social media were a fit for Michelle

-How to find the passion in your side hustle


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