Doing business Faster than Normal with ADHD advocate and HARO creator Peter Shankman

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Serial Entrepreneur Peter Shankman, who also hosts the Faster than Normal podcast and wrote a book by the same name, talks about taking calculated risks like skydiving, business strategies that have taken his side hustles into massive businesses like HARO, and the choices he’s made to build the life he not only wanted, but needed. 

In Peter’s money story you will learn:

-The type of risks to take in order to grow a business

-"Spending money to make money" is really a balancing act

-Peter's top three tips on how to handle going into debt

-How Peter feels about Las Vegas

In Peter’s money lesson you will learn:

-How to act on new business ideas

-Growing a business is a marathon not a sprint

-Tips to visualizing goals 

-Why Peter gets up at 4 AM every day

In Peter’s everyday money tip you will learn: is an app that shows you anyone that has updated their bio. 

-He suggests using the changes in status as an opening to reach out and connect

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