Working out your money issues with the Financial Gym's Shannon McLay

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Shannon McLay, founder of the Financial Gym and host of the Martini’s and Your Money podcast dishes on her first- only partly legal- employment experience. Plus her recipe for cutting down the liqueur bill and more tips for having a fun night out without breaking the bank. 


In Shannon’s money story you will learn:

-The bold move a 14-year old Shannon made that more than doubled her income

-How she overcame obstacles like transportation and not being old enough to work legally!

-The impact of having her own income at such a young age, and how it influenced her future as an entrepreneur

-The one thing she knows she can do, to never be scared about having enough money

In Shannon’s lesson you will learn

-Effective ways to approach work even when you have doubts

-How Shannon leveraged comparisons to working out your body, to working out your finances in former her company The Financial Gym

-The value of top line income in creating a financially solid foundation

-The limitations of budgeting and cutting back on spending

-Why Shannon believes  your passion is not always the path to financial success

In Shannon’s money tip you will learn:

-How to cut your entertainment and nightlife spending

-The value of planning ahead and controlling costs with alchohol

-Ways to cut your spending on drinks at bars, especially when traveling

-How to cut calories and spending on drinking when you are home

In My Take you will learn

-Why smaller is often better for both food and drink

-Tips to get smaller sizes in restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks even when they are not clearly on the menu. 

-The importance of multiple income streams

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