The startup reality check with smart shopping expert Trae Bodge

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Trade Bodge and her partners set out to build a business- that they knew was challenging before they even started. But they focused on funding, building a strong foundation, and learning from the past mistakes. 


In Trae’s money story you will learn:

-The market opportunity Trae and her partners saw when they created

-The challenges the new business faced, including the difficulty of scaling up

-The creative way they funded the business

-Why Trae left the business

In Trae’s lesson you will learn:

-The challenge in finding the balance between waiting until a business is “ready” and moving forward while there is the most excitement

-Why she believes entrepreneurs should pay as much attention to how time their launch, as how they spend their funds

-Specific ways to research markets ahead of time, and during the early stages of a business launch including trade shows and how to get competitor insights. 

-How to use time to your advantage

In Trae’s money tip you will learn

-Where to find money, that is already yours, to fund your startup

-How they each saved $25,000 to put towards their business

-How to avoid feeling deprived when saving for a goal

In my take you will learn:

-The realities of start-up life

-What to do when you just aren’t that into your startup

-Tips to make sure you remain financially solvent even as an entrepreneur with a startup


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