Bobbi Rebell’s ‘How to be a Financial Grownup’ Features Tim Chen

NERDWALLETOctober 18, 2016 Corporate News

Our very own Tim Chen, NerdWallet co-founder and CEO, shares his biggest financial grownup moment in the new book “How to be a Financial Grownup” by Bobbi Rebell.

Rebell, an award-winning TV anchor and personal finance columnist at Thomson Reuters, compiles proven advice from high achievers on how to live your dreams and have financial freedom. One chapter is dedicated to Tim Chen.

Tim shares his story of founding NerdWallet, from helping his sister find a credit card back in 2008 to the shocking moment when he realized that even he, a financial analyst at the time, was overwhelmed by the amount of financial products out there and the lack of objective information on them.

Rebell goes on to share Tim’s views on credit cards, building credit and student loans.

“The biggest piece of advice I would give anyone is: Stop being scared of, or apathetic toward, your money,” says Tim. He emphasizes how important it is to “know your number” when it comes to credit scores. And Tim’s chapter wraps up with the burdensome costs that most millennials are faced with today: Student Debt.

“Be proactive and look for simple, transparent guidance on how you should approach your financial decisions and select the best products for you. Taking a little extra time can lead to millions down the line,” Tim says, and that’s just what NerdWallet is trying to help consumers do.

Check out more about Tim’s chapter and Bobbi’s book here.