So proud of all my kids becoming financial grownups!!

So proud of all my kids becoming financial grownups!!


Raising Financial Grownups

Live your own richest life by helping your (almost) adult kids and grandkids become everyday money smart

It all started New Year’s Eve 2018…

My two older kids, both in college, were home for the holidays. We had been discussing putting their earnings from their jobs into Roth IRA’s. They would then be able to grow their money, without paying taxes on the earnings. They both had agreed to do it. But here we were, hours away from the deadline to open an account. It wasn’t done. And they weren’t moving.

I had given them both the phone number of the discount broker we have been using, as well as an actual human they could call with questions. I had reminded them of the deadline. They had said they would go.. but here we were.

The clock was ticking, and here I was, supposed to be this personal finance expert, even a Certified Financial Planner, and I could not get my own kids to do this one simple thing.

We can teach our young children the basics. They will do what we say. But what happens when they get older. And they become… teenagers. And young adults. Sometimes they stick with the lessons you taught them. They do all the things- study, have jobs, and are all-around nice people. But sometimes, when it comes to doing something pro-active about their money, they would rather go out with their friends.

Spoiler Alert: They did open their Roth IRA’s and are now happily contributing their income from their jobs.

But they also inspired me to write my next book: Raising Financial Grownups. I am still in the research phase but if you have ideas, suggestions or want to contribute a story, please be in touch at

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