#FinancialGrownup Role Model Spotlight: Well + Good's Alexia Brue

It's pretty rare that a personal finance book has an entire chapter on health, and why it is essential to our financial wellbeing. But the inspiring and candid story shared by Role Model Alexia Brue of Well + Good, in "How to be a Financial Grownup" launches one of the most important parts of the book. It seems obvious. If you aren't healthy, it's pretty hard to be wealthy. In Alexia's words "Health is not a luxury. It is priceless and a priority. "

Your health impacts everything that matters, including your money. 

Alexia brave story about her battles with cancer has made such an impact our #FinancialGrownup community. We must never forget to invest in our health: physical, psychological and even technological. 

The chapter covers investing in your health, insurance, working out, and how to eat for optimum results. We also cover organization, managing your technology, and meditation. I am so grateful Alexia shared so generously in this very special chapter.