#FinancialGrownup Spotlight: Wendy Diamond: Pet Advocate, Women's Entrepreneurship Day Founder

When I set out to write a new kind of personal finance book, there was one thing completely baffled me. While we talk endlessly about the need to get every single person in our country good health insurance, the majority of us leave one member of our family out. Only about one percent of U.S. households have pet insurance. This puts our pets at risk and can destroy our own finances. It doesn't have to be this way. 

That's why I enlisted animal advocate Wendy Diamond, who is the ultimate authority on pets, and was the perfect person to serve as an expert on pet finance. Her message is straightforward: get pet insurance! 

Even Wendy's dog Baby Hope wants to be a financial grownup!

What her pet-loving fans may not know, but are starting to learn ,is that her advocacy is not limited to our furry friends. This week, I will have the honor of joining Wendy Diamond and her team for their annual Women's Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations. The goal: raise awareness and celebrate women entrepreneurs around the world. It will be celebrated in 144 countries, with participation from over 5,000 universities. Wendy is unstoppable. I am so honored to have her as part of the #FinancialGrownup project. 

Wendy has assembled an all-star line-up including Anthony Scaramucci, Betty Liu, Kay Koplovitz, Dylan Lauren, Iris Apfel, Randi Zuckerberg, Rebecca Jarvis, Sandra Lee,  Yu-Sai KanKatia BeauchampKarrueche TranKhoudia Diop, and Mindy Grossman. As with everything Wendy does, this year will be the best ever.  I am so honored that she is part of my team of experts in "How to be a Financial Grownup"

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