#FinancialGrownup Role Model Spotlight @Macys Terry Lundgren

Who better to highlight as we begin the holiday season that the legendary retail visionary Terry Lundgren. I remember hearing the great news he would be contributing to the Financial Grownup project about this time last year. The CEO of what is perhaps the most high profile store during the holiday season, Macy's, was making time to talk to me about financial literacy right at the height of his busiest week of the year. When we chatted, he said raising awareness about the financial literacy crisis in this country was urgent. He made the time to share his story. 

Terry Lundren's story is about playing the long game. He could have taken a higher salary at his first job, but he saw the future, and it was brighter somewhere else. It meant delaying getting something he really wanted. But waiting until you can afford something is part of being a financial grownup.  I am so honored to have him as a #FinancialGrownup Role Model.