Role Model Spotlight: HighTower Advisors' Elliot Weissbluth

It makes total sense that #FinancialGrownup Role Model Elliot Weissbluth would join me as co-sponsor of our gift card giveaway to raise money for financial literacy in the classroom. He’s long been an advocate for financial health, and in fact declared that 2016 would be the year of financial wellness. He has built his company, HighTower with a customer first philosophy,  while also working as an advocate for investors, supporting new fiduciary rules that require financial advisors to take care of their clients’ financial well-being the way doctors have always taken care of their patients’ physical health. His story in “How to Be a Financial Grownup” is a warning to young people not take on debt just because a sales person utters tempting phrases like “no money down”. That doesn’t mean it is a good deal. In fact it is usually a red flag. 

Join us in supporting classroom financial literacy projects by pre-ordering #financialgrownup and then follow the directions at to get a free gift card to and give to a classroom project teaching kids about money.