Amanda Steinberg


Amanda Steinberg is the founder & CEO of DailyWorth and WorthFM. DailyWorth is the leading digital financial media company for women with 1 million subscribers. WorthFM (Worth Financial Management) is a digital investment advisory. As women in the U.S. inherit the majority of wealth, Steinberg is changing how women think about and manage their personal investments. In 2015, Forbes Magazine named Steinberg one of the "new money masters and financial luminaries," shaping the future of investing. She has also appeared on AndersonCooper360, Good Morning America, TODAY, CNN, and MSNBC. Prior to DailyWorth, Steinberg was a computer programmer and CEO of Soapbxx, a Web engineering company serving many of the U.S.'s largest social and cultural institutions. She's a graduate of Columbia University where she studied urban planning and computer science.