News Anchor Sarah Pilla Side-hustled her way to financial wellness

Who: Sarah Pilla

Where: San Diego, California

Job: OANN News Anchor, Yoga Entrepreneur, host "After the Mat"


Twitter: @sarahpilla @flowithsarah

Reuters stories are seen all over the world, but I still get a kick out of hearing an anchor introduce one of my stories and that includes OANN's Sarah Pilla. I had a chance to meet up with her when I was in San Diego last spring for FinCon and it was like we had been friends for years.  The sunny personality you see on air is 100 percent authentic, and Sarah's enthusiasm for life shines through the moment you meet her. 

She met me for a drink at the pool. We were celebrating- I had just found out that had decided to feature my book! It was top secret at the time and I was bursting to tell someone- and Sarah kept my secret. 

I learned more about Sarah including the amazing side of her that her viewers may not be aware of. She's got a whole other business going on after she leaves the studio! 

Sarah's Financial Grownup Moment

My Financial Grownup moment actually took place in 2015 so not too long ago. It was when I signed up for Yoga teacher training. As a long time yoga student I really wanted to learn more about the yoga practice and ultimately become a teacher. So I got my certification and I was able to start teaching right away. And the reason this is my financial grownup moment is because it became my side hustle. Something I was passionate about just like broadcast journalism. I was able to make an extra income and do something that I love!

Sarah's lesson to share: 

My lesson to share is to find a side hustle. Something that you are passionate about because the more that you are able to dive into something that you are passionate about, you are just going to love doing exactly what you are doing. And you get to make a little extra income on the side and maybe you save that money, maybe you use it to pay off debt but either way you are doing something you love and you are able to make a little extra side cash!