How to recover when your credit score is unfairly poisoned with Popcorn Finance's Chris Browning

Chris Browning, host of the Popcorn Finance podcast got a clean bill of health for his wife after a hospital stay a few years ago. But despite having been patients there before, a billing mixup left his credit score needing intensive care. 


In Chris’ money story you will learn:

-How Chris discovered his credit score had plummeted

-Why Chris did not know about a large unpaid medical bill

-How a mistake made by the hospital created huge expenses and financial chaos for Chris

-The specific steps Chris took to get his finances back on track


In Chris’ money lesson you will learn:

-The #1 most important thing Chris wishes he did

-How to check your credit score for free

-Specifically what to look for when you get your credit report

-How often to check your credit score

In my take you will learn:

-Where I believe Chris went wrong, but I still believe the hospital should have taken some ownership of the situation as well

-The challenge of tracking medical bills, even when your primary focus needs to be on the patient

-How to negotiate your medical bills, even at the toughest times in your life. 

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