Financial Grownup Guide: 5 easy ways to beat burnout with career coach Elizabeth Koraca

Feeling the burnout? You are not alone.The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized burnout as a medical condition, resulting from chronic workplace stress. Bobbi talks with career coach Elizabeth Koraca about how to be able to recognize the symptoms and warning signs of burnout, and address them before it starts to take a serious toll on your health, relationships and life.

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Financial Grownup Guide: 5 pitfalls first-time home buyers must avoid with’s Judy Dutton

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The top 5 pitfalls for first-time homeowners to avoid

  • Pitfall 1: Not checking your credit score

  • Pitfall 2: Not figuring out how much home you can afford

  • Pitfall 3: Not getting pre-approved for a mortgage

  • Pitfall 4: Assuming you need a 20% down payment

  • Pitfall 5: Just going with the first real estate agent someone recommends

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The Google search that led Bravely Go’s Kara Perez to pay off her student debt

Kara Perez of BravelyGo and The Fairer Cents podcast shares how she tackled more than $25,000 in student debt making between $9 and $12 an hour. Plus her go-to home recipes for making foods you normally buy in the store including bread, pickles and tomato sauce.

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The money talk most of us avoid - and the steep price we pay as a result with author Cameron Huddleston

Cameron Huddleston wrote her new book “Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk. How to Have Essential Conversations With Your Parents About Their Finances” when she found herself confronted with huge issues after not talking to her mom about her money- which she shares on the podcast. The book hits on a huge issue impacting all generations and all income levels. 

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To Give or to Lend with Her Money Matters Jen Hemphill (Encore)

Jen Hemphill and her husband believe in supporting family, but when the author of Her Money Matters, and the host of the podcast of the same name, was asked to lend money to a relative, she realized it would come at a cost to her own financial well being. 

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Financial Grownup Guide: Celebrating episode 200 with 20 quick and easy Financial Grownup tips + Behind the Scenes at the podcast and what’s next

Bobbi shares 20 quick and easy ways to be a little more Financial Grownup. Plus as we cross the 200 mark, Bobbi shares some of her hopes for the podcast as the show grows up. 

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How financial grownups can negotiate for more money and better deals with The Remix author, Lindsey Pollak

Author and workplace strategist Lindsey Pollack shares a negotiation story with a big twist and a surprise ending. Plus how we often fail ourselves in negotiations by not using simple techniques when putting together deals, and how we can learn to up our game. 

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How to know when you have outgrown your business, and it is time to move on with podcast host Jordan Harbinger (Encore)

After a nasty split from his 11-year business partners at the Art of Charm podcast, Jordan Harbinger found himself putting his own networking lessons to work as he started a new business from scratch with the Jordan Harbinger show

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Money lessons from mom learned way too young with WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast host Veronica Dagher

Journalist Veronica Dagher lost her dad as a young child and grew up watching her mom learn how to manage the family’s business and money. That experience inspired her to not only focus on her own finances, but to build a career around teaching women financial independence.

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Financial Grownup Guide: 3 Tips for Living in Expensive Cities

Big cities have a lot to offer- but can be expensive. Co-host Grant Sabatier, creator of Millennnial Money and author of the new book “Financial Freedom. A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need” recently moved to New York City despite the costs. He shares his three biggest tips to making it work for your financial grownup money goals, and still live life to the fullest.

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Burning through the big bonus with 30 Day Money Cleanse Author Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, the blogger behind The Fiscal Femme website, quit her high paying investment banking job- but spent money as if nothing had changed. The numbers quickly caught up with her, and she quickly learned to be a Financial Grownup. 

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Investing in Walking Birthday Cake with Brandless CEO Tina Sharkey (encore)

When Brandless CEO Tina Sharkey turned 30, she  didn’t want a birthday party- she just wanted the cake. Specifically a photograph of a walking birthday cake with legs that was by artist Laurie Simmons. Little did she know the significant role that work would play in her life. 

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Author KJ Dell’Antonia on how to be a happier parent, by raising kids to become financial grownups

Parenting expert KJ Dell’Antonia takes the money lessons her parents taught her as a child, and adapts them to her rural life raising 4 kids on a farm. The author of the new book “How to be a Happier Parent” discusses her kids income streams, financial responsibilities, and other behind the scenes details to help other families adapt to the realities of our digital culture. 

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FGG Financial Grownup Guide: 5 Year End Tax planning tips with guest co-host David Rae CFP®

Taxes are never fun but millions of Americans may pay less for 2018. David Rae CFP® joins Bobbi for a breakdown of what changes matter and specific things Financial Grownups can do to make sure they are on track for when it is time to turn in their returns this spring. 

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