Financial Grownup Guide: 7 ways to invest and make a positive impact with philanthropist Ellen Remmer of Invest for Better

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Money is powerful and while it can’t solve the world’s problems, how we invest and the strategic decisions we make can have a huge impact. Learn what you need to look for in an investment, the questions to ask, and the best ways to make sure your investments have the impact you want. 

7 ways to invest and make a positive impact

  1. First you'll want to find out what you own

  2. The importance of figuring out what you care about most impacting through your investments

  3. Then check out the ratings for your current investments

  4. Why you will want to become a shareholder activist

  5. Why you want to consider banking with a community bank, a credit union, etc.

  6. Why this is the most important thing to do - ask questions

  7. And last, but definitely not least - Do something! Even with small amounts of money.

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