How Ben & Jerry's ice cream inspired MSNBC's JJ Ramberg's entrepreneurial ventures

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MSNBC Your Business host JJ Ramberg didn’t just love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream growing up.

She loved their mission. That led not only to her career interviewing entrepreneurs on television but to her own socially responsible ventures including Goodshop and The Startup Club. 

In JJ’s money story you will learn:

-How Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream inspired JJ’s business with her brother called Goodshop

-How her business supports non-profit causes

-How to use GetGumdrop to support causes you care about

-How her ventures have raised nearly $13 million dollars for non-profit causes


In JJ’s lesson you will learn:

-How to balance being socially responsible business with profitability

-Why JJ believes corporate sustainability starts with focusing on secure jobs for employees

-When NOT to give directly to charity


In JJ’s money tip you will learn:

-How JJ’s new spending categorization strategy is helping her save money


In my take you will learn:

-How to balance supporting your business with supporting causes you believe in

-No-cost ways to support charities you believe in


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