Gen FKD's David Grasso shares how to play defense with your money

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In this episode, millennial financial literacy advocate David Grasso, of Gen FKD and Bold Business shares the story of his Cuban immigrant mother and how at age 9 she found herself in charge of the family finances after an unexpected accidental death in the family. 


In David’s story you will learn:

-How David’s heritage as the child of Cuban immigrants shaped his focus on finances

-David’s strategy for not just making money, but keeping more of it

-The strategies David learned from his mother, who took over her family finances at age 9

-How talking about money at the dinner table can instill children with financial values

In David’s lesson you will learn:

-Why getting a raise is not the solution to your financial problems

-David’s savings plan strategies

-How to be a defensive consumer

-The dangers of automatic bill payments

In David’s Money Tip you will learn:

-Why he focuses on the bigger purchases in his life

-How to be a defensive consumer

-How David uses the Trim app

In my take you will learn:

-How to fight for your price.

-The true story of how I paid $25 for a prescription where one quote I got was for $354!

-How to use online coupons for prescriptions

-Why the price you pay through insurance is not always the lowest

-When to pay attention to big expenditures vs when to acknowledge that little things like latte’s do add up and become big things over time

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