How to get through a business divorce with podcast pioneer, the charming Jordan Harbinger

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After a nasty split from his 11-year business partners at the Art of Charm podcast, Jordan Harbinger found himself putting his own networking lessons to work as he started a new business from scratch with the Jordan Harbinger show and the Advanced Human Dynamics  platform.

In Jordan's money story you will learn:

  • A hard split from a long term relationship can be the best thing

  • Sometimes the scariest, hardest things you do in life, turn out to be just what you needed

  • It's not just enough to just build relationships with people, you've got to maintain a good relationship

In Jordan’s money lesson you will learn:

  • "Dig the well before you get thirsty"

In Jordan's everyday money tip you will learn:

  • To focus on the big wins

In My Take you will learn:

  • Show up

  • Some things aren’t worth fighting over

Bobbi and Jordan also talk about:

  • How Noah Kagan was instrumental in helping to get Jordan's business off the ground. To learn more about Noah, check out his website here -

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