Giving up all your stuff while splitting up with Millennial Money's Shannah Compton Game

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 Certified Financial Planner Shannah Compton Game, host of the Millennial Money podcast, literally walked away from everything she owned when she got divorced. Ironically, she says it was the best financial decision she ever made. 


In Shannah’s money story you will learn:

-How an early divorce forced her to re-think her approach to finances

-How being a CFP® made some choices more complicated

-Why she walked away from her assets rather than fight for them

In Shannah’s money lesson you will learn:

-Shannah’s advice on how to rebound emotionally and financially from a breakup

-How to use money as a tool to achieve life goals

In Shannah’s money tip you will learn:

-Her technique to figure out your cash flow pattern

-How to redirect spending for debt repayment

-Why Shannah says you need to be the CEO of your household and empower your bank account

In my take you will learn:

-Why I disagree with Shannah’s advice about walking away from assets in a breakup

-My lessons from my divorce at age 30 and the impact of those on my life

-The key mistake I believe many people make in a breakup and how to avoid it

-The hilarious gift from my mom’s friend that helped me gain perspective on the economic impact of the breakup


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