You always remember your first time investing, with Wander Wealthy’s Tess Wicks

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Wander Wealthy’s Tess Wicks shares her early interest in investing in the stock market, how Warren Buffett inspired her, the advice her family gave her and what got her to actually make her first investment. Her every day money tip will resonate with fans of Marie Kondo who are tired of feeling overwhelmed by their belongings. 

In Tess' money story you will learn:

  • The reason she felt like she was starting to invest late at the age of 22

  • What Dollar Cost Averaging is and why you might want to invest this way

  • Why investing may feel overcomplicated, but it can actually be really easy

In Tess’ money lesson you will learn:

  • You may never feel ready but it's important to just jump in anyway

  • Why the younger you start investing, the better it is for you in the long run

In Tess' everyday money tip you will learn:

  • How creating a capsule wardrobe can not only help you save money, but may bring more joy to your life in the spirit of Marie Kondo

In My Take you will learn:

  • Why it's important to realize that you must actually start the clock in order to have time on your side

  • Just because you have a lot of space for more stuff, that doesn't mean you need to fill that space with stuff

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