Financial Grownup Guide - Top new money books for grownups right now (May)

Welcome to a new installment of our monthly feature- and one of my favorite episodes-  here on the Financial Grownup podcast, quick reviews of the money books we are loving right now- and you might want to check out. This month’s books include:

Broke Millennial takes on Investing

Dig Your Heels In

An Economist Walks into a Brothel

Travel Anywhere and Avoid Being a Tourist

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How to cut through the content clutter and travel like a Financial Grownup with Fathom co-founder Pavia Rosati

Traveling like a grownup can be overwhelming. Pavia Rosati had the world class intel everyone wanted.  But she and her Fathom co-founder thought they needed a business savvy partner. Except they never found Mr/Ms. right. So they stepped up their game and did it themselves. 

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How to get a loan when you are self-employed or don’t have steady income with Bald Thought’s Lee Huffman

When Lee Huffman needed to visit his mom while she was receiving treatment for cancer, his car broke down and he had to get a new one immediately. But without steady income, he could have been out of luck, if it weren't for one key thing he had going for him. 

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You always remember your first time investing, with Wander Wealthy’s Tess Wicks

Wander Wealthy’s Tess Wicks shares her early interest in investing in the stock market, how Warren Buffett inspired her, the advice her family gave her and what got her to actually make her first investment. Her every day money tip will resonate with fans of Marie Kondo who are tired of feeling overwhelmed by their belongings. 

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Big City dreams without burning the budget with FIRE influencer and author Grant Sabatier

Grant Sabatier was ready to retire at age 30 with over a million dollars saved - in large part by being mindful of his big expenses. The the author of "Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need” shocked many followers by moving to New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the world. 

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Financial Grownup Guide: 3 Tips for Living in Expensive Cities

Big cities have a lot to offer- but can be expensive. Co-host Grant Sabatier, creator of Millennnial Money and author of the new book “Financial Freedom. A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need” recently moved to New York City despite the costs. He shares his three biggest tips to making it work for your financial grownup money goals, and still live life to the fullest.

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FGG Financial Grownup Guide: 5 Year End Tax planning tips with guest co-host David Rae CFP®

Taxes are never fun but millions of Americans may pay less for 2018. David Rae CFP® joins Bobbi for a breakdown of what changes matter and specific things Financial Grownups can do to make sure they are on track for when it is time to turn in their returns this spring. 

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