How her financial planner made more on her investments than she did with ZenBender author, and financial journalist, Stephanie Krikorian

Ghost writer Stephanie Krikorian trusted a financial planner with her investments after a big layoff a decade ago. But years later discovered blind trust was costing her, and learned to read the paperwork, and take grownup ownership of her money strategy.  

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Financial Grownup Guide: How Bobbi slashed her cable and phone bill- and nearly had a nervous breakdown

Life gets too busy, and sometimes even financial grownups drop the ball on making sure their bills don’t balloon out of control. Bobbi gets real about how this happened to her, and how she managed to downsize her family’s cable and phone bills. 

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How to get a free family vacation with Park Place Payments founder Samantha Ettus

When Park Place Payments founder and CEO Samantha Ettus was just getting started in her career, family vacations were not in the budget. But she found a way to get a luxury vacation for free, with a little creativity, and a sense of adventure.

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Writing your own rules after rejection with Happy Go Money author Melissa Leong Encore

Happy Go Money author Melissa Leong shares the story of how her teen novels were rejected by mainstream publishers, but went on to sell over 70,000 copies after she decided to take control of her own career. Plus everyday social media tips to be happier no matter how much money you have or don’t have. 

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Financial Grownup Guide: 3 Tips for Living in Expensive Cities with Grant Sabatier (ENCORE)

Big cities have a lot to offer- but can be expensive. Co-host Grant Sabatier, creator of Millennnial Money and author of the new book “Financial Freedom. A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need” recently moved to New York City despite the costs. He shares his three biggest tips to making it work for your financial grownup money goals, and still live life to the fullest.

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Financial Grownup Guide: Top new money books for grownups right now (August)

Bobbi reveals her favorite new money related books, and how to decide if they are right for you. This month’s picks include The Startup Squad by Brian Weisfeld and Nicole Kear, Grown and Flown: How to support your teen, stay close as a family and raise independent adults which is by Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa Heffernan, And then finally The Essential First-Time Home Buyers book: How to buy a house, Get a Mortgage and Close a Real Estate deal by Judy Dutton and editors.

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Financial Grownup Guide: Saving while setting up a first home or dorm room with Grown and Flown author Mary Dell Harrington

First homes and dorms often trigger huge spending sprees, for what is also usually a very small space. We break down how to prioritize and save money with Mary Dell Harrington, co-author of the new book Grown and Flown, How to Support your Teen, Stay Close as a Family, and Raise Independent Adults.

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How to beat the competition by hiring them and other ways to grow a business with entrepreneur and The Startup Squad author Brian Weisfeld

The Startup Club author Brian Weisfeld joins Bobbi to share the story of how he beat the competition- by hiring them while he grew his first business in elementary school. He also shares an every day money tip about lowering your subscription bills, even if the initial phone calls threatening to cancel fail.

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Financial Grownup Guide: 5 pitfalls first-time home buyers must avoid with’s Judy Dutton

FGG - Judy Dutton Instagram

The top 5 pitfalls for first-time homeowners to avoid

  • Pitfall 1: Not checking your credit score

  • Pitfall 2: Not figuring out how much home you can afford

  • Pitfall 3: Not getting pre-approved for a mortgage

  • Pitfall 4: Assuming you need a 20% down payment

  • Pitfall 5: Just going with the first real estate agent someone recommends

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Financial Grownup Guide: Top new money books for grownups right now (July)

Bobbi reveals her favorite new money related books, and how to decide if they are right for you. This month’s picks include “Mom and Dad We Need to Talk. How to Have Essential Conversations with Your Parents About Their Finances” by Cameron Huddleston, “Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money, and Build Real Wealth” by Bola Sokunbi and “Agent of Influence How to use Spy Skills to Sell Anything and Build a Successful Business” by Jason Hanson”

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Financial Grownup Guide: 6 credit myths that will probably surprise you with Clever Girl Finance author Bola Sokunbi

Having good credit matters for so many things we want to do as financial grownups- from things as simple as getting a credit card, to being able to get a mortgage or even a job. But there are a lot of myths around what makes a good credit score and what can hurt it. We tackle 6 of them with Clever Girl Finance author Bola Sokunbi. 

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The money talk most of us avoid - and the steep price we pay as a result with author Cameron Huddleston

Cameron Huddleston wrote her new book “Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk. How to Have Essential Conversations With Your Parents About Their Finances” when she found herself confronted with huge issues after not talking to her mom about her money- which she shares on the podcast. The book hits on a huge issue impacting all generations and all income levels. 

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Financial Grownup Guide - Top new money books for grownups right now (June)

Bobbi reveals her favorite new money related books, and how to decide if they are right for you. This month’s picks include “Take the Leap” by Sara Bliss, “The Remix” by Lindsey Pollak, ”Limitless” by Laura Gassner Otting and “The Wealth Creator’s Playbook” by John Christianson

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How to make grownup money doing what you love by getting honest about who is willing to pay you for it with Take The Leap author Sara Bliss

Sara Bliss liked her career writing for prestigious magazines, but she loved being able to pay her bills and have the financial freedom she deserved for her hard work, even more. So she decided to write for clients who had the budgets to pay her more, and has never looked back. She also shares tips on how to levelup careers from her bestselling book "Take The Leap".

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Exit strategies and how to sell your business with Limitless author Laura Gassner Otting

Limitless author Laura Gassner Otting wanted out of her business, and she wanted to get what she was worth. But because she only wanted to sell to a certain buyer, she had to be creative in how she priced the enterprise to get what she really wanted. Plus a controversial tip about what to send - and not send- when people are hurting. 

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Bottomless allowance and the challenge of raising financial grownups with Wealth Creator’s Playbook author John Christianson

Being a grownup is hard, but being a parent to emerging financial grownups may be even harder. Author John Christianson talks with Bobbi about the challenges of raising financial grownups - when it’s easier for the parents to support them. 

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Financial Grownup Guide - 4 Kindness tips for Grownups with Simple Acts author Natalie Silverstein

Part of being a grownup is learning to be thankful for what we have, and to give back. It all comes down to simple acts of kindness. We speak with, Natalie Silverstein,  the author of Simple Acts. The Busy Family’s Guide to Giving Back who shares specific ways even the busiest of grownups can give back to the community in ways that make all of our lives richer. 

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How to find a mentor, get over imposter syndrome and make more money with Clifford Swan Investment Counselors Chairman and CEO Linda Davis Taylor

Linda Davis Taylor looked like she had it all, but wanted to make more money. An unexpected meeting with the man who became her mentor took her out of her comfort zone, and into a role that would catapult her into a field where she made her mark, and inspired others to follow in her footsteps.

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