Raw and real family money revelations and coping skills with InvestED's Danielle Town

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Invested author and podcast host Danielle Town talks candidly about her sometimes painful family money history and how she and her dad healed their relationship, and eventually teamed up to educate others about money and investing. 

In Danielle’s money story you will learn:

-How despite their current relationship, earlier in life money issues hurt Danielle’s relationship with her father Phil Town

-How Danielle’s parents divorce impacted her early experiences with money

-Her take on both of her parents decisions when they split up

-The change in how Danielle perceived her dad’s financial choices later in life, compared to when she was a child

-The benefit of getting to know parents and getting their financial advice as an adult

-How her mom recovered from financial devastation, and what Danielle learned from that experience. 

-How Danielle started investing, and the role her father played in her decision

In Danielle’s money lesson you will learn:

-Why she says money is such an emotional topic, especially for parents and kids

-Danielle’s strategy to make decisions about money, including career, investing, charity and supporting the people around us

-The stories people share with Danielle and how she helps them to use them as a base for their own financial strategy

-How to leverage your emotions about money - and specifically how she does it

-Why Danielle says she did not fully trust her dad around money, but he was the one who has been teaching her about money


In Danielle’s every day money tip you will learn:

-How she uses her everyday life experiences to get investing ideas

-Why she is such a big fan of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, and their investing philosophy

-The importance of reading and learning from business news

In my take you will learn:

-Specific ways to battle FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) 

-How you can use a technique from #tonyrobbins to put your life in perspective and motivate yourself to accomplish your goals

-The strategy both Danielle and I use to learn more about investing and achieve financial goals


Episode Links:

Look for Danielle’s Ted Talk!!! 

You can find out more information from her website: https://www.danielletown.com/

Listen to her podcast with her dad Phil Town:  Invested and on itunes here 

Get Phil and Danielle Town’s new book Invested! 

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Twitter: @danielle_town

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanielleTownInvested/


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