How to keep your startup lean with's Vera Gibbons

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When journalist Vera Gibbons launched she had lots of former colleagues and friends telling her she needed to spend money on all kinds of costs, but after making a few missteps, the entrepreneur learned to prioritize and keep her costs in check while she built a strong foundation. 


In Vera’s money story you will learn:

-What inspired Vera to start her website and newsletter 

-How she was approached about hiring many people to help her, but at a cost, despite the fact that her business was not yet earning money

-Vera’s choices about where to spend her resources in the early days of her venture

-Where she regretted spending money, and where she felt her money was best allocated.

-Vera’s revenue model


In Vera’s money lesson you will learn:

-How to evaluate what expenses to take on in the startup phase of a business

-How to prioritize your business needs versus wants

-The legal issues you need to pay attention to when starting a business


In Vera’s every day money tip you will learn:

-Why we all need to be paying close attention to interest rates

-How to identify the interest rates in your life that could be going up

-How to negotiate to get your rates lower


In my take you will learn:

-How to put your friends “advice’ in context when starting any new venture

-How the upward movement in interest rates can be both a positive and a negative. 



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