Financial Grownup Guide: 5 easy ways to beat burnout with career coach Elizabeth Koraca

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Feeling the burnout? You are not alone.The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized burnout as a medical condition, resulting from chronic workplace stress. Bobbi talks with career coach Elizabeth Koraca about how to be able to recognize the symptoms and warning signs of burnout, and address them before it starts to take a serious toll on your health, relationships and life.

5 Easy Ways to Beat Burnout

  1. Take your vacation days to actually recharge, refill and unplug

  2. Put the phone down when you get home, even for small increments of time - Bobbi is now doing this- leaving it in another room

  3. Set boundaries, know when to say no - you can't be all things to all people all the time - declining plans- don’t specify why, just say you can’t make it

  4. Talk to someone you trust, like a doctor, coach or mentor about getting the tools to combat it - have not done this yet

  5. Make yourself a priority, and schedule self-care time in your calendar to keep yourself accountable and actually do it- read a fiction book

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