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Bobbi reveals her favorite new money related books, and how to decide if they are right for you. This month’s picks include “Take the Leap” by Sara Bliss, “The Remix” by Lindsey Pollak, ”Limitless” by Laura Gassner Otting and “The Wealth Creator’s Playbook” by John Christianson

Some ground rules:

There will be only positive comments. Because why waste your time telling you about something I don’t think is worth your time. 

Also - we limit our selections to books written by authors that appear on the podcast. In most cases they will have already appeared- so you can then go back and listen to their episode if you want to learn more. Occasionally, the episode will be in the future - so hopefully you will subscribe so you don’t miss it. 

Here are 4 books I truly enjoyed in the past month!

Book #1

Let’s start with Take the Leap. Change Your Career, Change Your Life by Sara Bliss. The book focuses on stories of people who left a career they were pretty settled in.. and well took the leap into something very very different. Taking the term career pivots to the extreme- more like pirouette’s.. And I love that the stories are told in a very short format- you can dip in and just read one in about 5 minutes and then come back to the book and be drawn to another- individual lite stories combined to make an in-depth resource. 

Here’s what I liked about it:

  1. Her Mantra: Begin Anyhow. Because there is always going to be a reason not to start to move towards a new career. so begin anyhow.

  2. While the book is as you would expect cheerful, upbeat and inspiring it is also extremely specific and detailed about the hard work and sacrifice often involved. Want to go from Wall Street to wine making? You may not need to but the person profiled went way downscale for a year to learn his craft before he actually started the career change. No magic pills here. 

  3. She is totally transparent about the money focus. 70 percent of those profiled make more in their new and happier careers- so this isn’t about working for the love of the work- it is very much about finding ways to get paid more by disrupting your ideas about how to sell your skills. 

Who is this book for?

I’m tempted to say people unhappy with their careers but that’s not enough. To really get the most out of Take the Leap you have to be dreaming of something better and self aware enough to understand the work involved. 

Book #2

The Remix. How to lead and succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace by my friend multi-generational expert Lindsey Pollak. 

Did you know that there are 5 generations now in the workplace? The book’s title refers to the idea that at parties when a DJ wants to get everyone excited to dance- he plays a remix because the younger guests know the new song but it is also familiar to the older guests.. and next thing you know the dance floor is packed. 

Here’s what I liked about it:

  1. Lindsey gives very easy to do things that can bring us all together. Like if workers feel displaced because of not having a permanent desk or office anymore- she presents solutions such as personalizing the things we bring with us everywhere like our computers. And Lindsey reframes the way we think about popular workplace concepts- instead of work/life balance. It is work life integration.

  2. She recommends apps that also make it easier to implement her strategies. Like feedback apps to keep a continuous conversation going because some generations want feedback a lot more often than one annual review. 

  3. The original research that Lindsey has done is what really sets this book apart. While she absolutely does interview the top thought leaders in the industry, and presents a ton of data,  The Remix is full of information that we have not read elsewhere because it is her original content.. from misperceptions about remote work, to the reality of whether ping pong tables and free lunch really work to retain employees in a tight job market. 

Who is this book for?

This book is for people who want a big picture look at the changes in the workplace in the last decade or so -along with specific solutions that they can implement in their own day to day work environment to just enjoy the time more and learn from other generations. 

Book #3

Book #3 is by Laura Gassner Otting and it is called Limitless. How to Ignore everybody, Carve Your own path and Live your Best life

This book is a bit woo woo self help book but in a good and literal way- trust me. It focuses on 4 functional elements to help us break through external and internal limits. 

Here’s what I liked about it:

  1. It doesn’t so much tell you what you need to change in your life to be happy- rather, limitless focuses more on How you can figure it out for yourself. because we are all different and there isn’t a one size fits all. It gives you the framework. It’s up to each of us to determine our own personal version of success

  2. As much as there is a cheerleader tone to this- it is balanced out by tough love. For example, being busy is not the same as getting results. So we need to have some honesty there- and that is something I personally have been struggling with recently. 

  3. She is candid  about her challenges as a mompreneur. The author started her company with a 6 week old child. Why? Because that’s when an opportunity for a first client fell into her lap- so she seized the opportunity- and I think that is a great point- the best opportunities don’t always come when we are ready- but we can become ready very fast when they do come- often when we have the least amount of time. 

Who is this book for?

People who need someone to tell motivate them to achieve their potential. It’s like those of us who know we should eat healthy but need someone to write out the menu. Or want to work out but need a trainer to get us to the gym. Laura knows how to say things in a way that gets rid of the excuses and helps the reader get things done. 

Book #4

The Wealth Creator’s playbook- a guide to maximizing your return on  life and money by John Christianson. 

This is not a beginner investment book- and it speaks to a very specific demographic if we are being honest. People who have money and consider themselves wealth creators. So just go in knowing that. 

Here’s what I liked about it:

  1. The author is not afraid to be honest about who his audience is and therefore comes across as uniquely authentic- he isn’t talking down- he is talking with a very specific segment of the population who don’t want to simply settle for being wealthy- but are looking for a more fulfilling life regardless of their bank account. 

  2. It’s kind a of now what for people that have acquired a certain degree of financial success.. and really calls onus to evaluate why we spend such a high percentage of our time and effort focusing on the accumulation of wealth, and how our identity changes once we have it. 

  3. While it is, as they say, a first world problem, the Wealth Creators Playbook does address the challenges that come with wealth including the isolation, relationship challenges, spiritual aspects of dealing with money. 

Who is this book for?

The book is clearly aimed at those who have accumulated money but are looking for guidance in dealing with the changes it has brought on- including assessing their values, how they deal with their kids and money, and the best way to be generous with their wealth. 

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