FGG Financial Grownup Guide: 5 ways to make technology more human with special guest co-host Back to Human author Dan Schawbel.

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Technology can’t really be unplugged, so the best solution is the make it work for us as Humans. Back to Human author Dan Schawbel joins Bobbi Rebell as co-host on this special Financial Grownup Guide. They discuss 5 specific actionable tips to using technology to enhance and humanize the role of our devices in our daily lives. 

  • Specific ways to eliminate tech driven distractions

  • How to manage devices and stay focused in meetings

  • How to use apps to learn and then control your time online.

  • How to most effectively use video conferencing

  • The best ways to delegate unwanted tasks to technology so you can focus on being more human

Episode Links:

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