Dramatic income swings with Transformers 4 actress Victoria Summer

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When model and actress Victoria Summer got her big break first in Saving Mr. Banks, which starred Tom Hanks,  playing Julie Andrews, and then in Transformers 4, she was happy about the big upfront paycheck- but got really excited when she learned about residuals aka passive income. 

In Victoria’s money story you will learn:

-About her first big breaks as a hollywood actress

-How the pay system in hollywood works

-The similarities between acting and modeling and other “gig” economy jobs

-How Victoria manages to balance one-time paychecks and residual income

-What her one big spurge was after that big paycheck

In Victoria’s money lesson you will learn: 

-How Victoria creates multiple income streams

-Why Victoria organizes her money in different bank accounts

-Her philosophy of acting like she is broke as a budget motivator

-Her goals to start a skin care line, a vegan handbag line and grow her production company

-Her strategies to promote herself as a brand

-The importance of top line income

In Victoria’s money tip you will learn:

-The danger of taking advice from the wrong people

-The warning signs to look for in advisors

-Why well-intentioned advice can often be off-base

In my take you will learn:

-The importance of choosing side hustles that complement, not contradict your primary career

-Why taking advice from well-meaning friends and relatives should be taken in context. 

-The best way to find the right people to give you career and business advice.

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