How to build buzz for your business with 305 Fitness’s Sadie Kurzban

Sadie Kurzman won $25,000 in a college contest for entrepreneurs by using a strategy that has continued to drive the growth of her boutique dance fitness chain. The millennial entrepreneur shares her secrets to building a business on a low budget, along with her personal tips on how she manages healthy meals on a budget with her relentless schedule.

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Money lessons from mom learned way too young with WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast host Veronica Dagher

Journalist Veronica Dagher lost her dad as a young child and grew up watching her mom learn how to manage the family’s business and money. That experience inspired her to not only focus on her own finances, but to build a career around teaching women financial independence.

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Paper wealth, personal branding and plastic pants with the’s Stephan Paternot

Steph Paternot make a virtual fortune when the internet startup he co-founded in college, set records on its first trading day. But he and his company paid the price when his personal brand image as a brash young hard- partying entrepreneur pulled attention away from the business fundamentals. 

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You always remember your first time investing, with Wander Wealthy’s Tess Wicks

Wander Wealthy’s Tess Wicks shares her early interest in investing in the stock market, how Warren Buffett inspired her, the advice her family gave her and what got her to actually make her first investment. Her every day money tip will resonate with fans of Marie Kondo who are tired of feeling overwhelmed by their belongings. 

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FGG Financial Grownup Guide: 5 Year End Tax planning tips with guest co-host David Rae CFP®

Taxes are never fun but millions of Americans may pay less for 2018. David Rae CFP® joins Bobbi for a breakdown of what changes matter and specific things Financial Grownups can do to make sure they are on track for when it is time to turn in their returns this spring. 

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Surviving layoffs and financial do-overs with "7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth" author Adeola Amole

Wealth coach Adeola Omole got a do-over she didn’t want when she got laid off a second time- but by being financially prepared she was able to land on her feet. The author of “7 Steps to get out of Debt and Build Wealth” shares her story of how she came out stronger the second time around. 

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How to fund a work sabbatical when opportunity knocks with the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star and Laurel Road exec Derek Peth

Reality TV can be a job- but it often doesn’t pay like one. To film The Bachelorette and later Bachelor in Paradise Derek Peth had to take a break from his paying job in commercial banking. That’s where his emergency fund savings became the star of the show. 

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How to survive a dual startup household with Mother of All Jobs author Christine Armstrong

Soon after Christine Armstrong’s husband took a company buyout and launched a family vacation business, the executive and new mother found herself in an intolerable job situation and quit to start her own business- resulting in a double dose the challenges of startup life. 

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The pricesless value of spending the holidays with those you love with The College Investor’s Robert Farrington (encore)

The College Investor’s Robert Farrington loved his job at Target. He was also well paid. But he loved his family more. So he made the tough decision to leave and focus full-time on the side hustle that was already throwing off even more income. 

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Badass Body and Money Goals with performance coach and author Jen Cohen

Performance coach Jen Cohen is a master at ab crunches— crunching numbers. She shares the story of how she talked her way into a job at Olive Garden before she was even old enough to work- and then reveals her secrets to eating healthier on a tight budget. 

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She blew it! How entrepreneur Susan Mcpherson leveraged the sniffles into a pile of cash.

As a child, the future founder of McPherson Strategies learned about money when it was used as an incentive. Susan McPherson also shares an extremely important money tip about ways to give to charity beyond your means as we get towards the holiday season. 

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Taking your small business from startup to grownup with The Boreland Group CEO Jennefer Witter

Boreland Group Founder and CEO Jennefer Witter learned early on that the best way to get clients was to offer extreme value. But to stay in business, and continue to serve the clients, the author of the Little Book of Big PR also learned when to put the brakes on the discounts. 

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Pumping up assets and getting lean on liabilities with celebrity trainer Jerry Ford

Jerry Ford Instagram White Border.png

In Jerry’s money story you will learn:

-How Jerry learned the hard way that looking like you make money doesn't mean you do

-Three ways to deal with difficult people in the work places

-The benefits of having a career mentor

-Why Jerry sold all of his cars and his motorcycles and what it did for his budget

In Jerry’s money lesson you will learn:

-The simplest way to figure out financial assets and liabilities

-Jerry's two tips for figuring out where in the budget to cut down on spending

In Jerry’s everyday money tip you will learn:

-Where to buy luxury brands like Nike and Adidas for less

-The best athletic clothes that will last a long time

In My Take you will learn:

-Why it's important to keep an open mind and look past first impressions

-What T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and other retailers have to offer when it comes to workout clothes

Bobbi and Jerry also talk about: 

-Check out the luxury athletic clothing brands we mentioned, Nike and Adidas.


Order Jerry's book "Guns, Drugs, or Wealth" here

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On this Financial Grownup podcast episode Jerry Ford helps us to learn how we can get the best deals on work out clothes. #Podcast #MoneyTips

On this Financial Grownup podcast episode Jerry Ford helps us to learn how we can get the best deals on work out clothes. #Podcast #MoneyTips


The really good reason The Long Game’s Lindsey Holden shared a bathroom with 40 people for 5 years

Serial entrepreneur Lindsey Holden, who heads the personal finance app app The Long Game, literally played the long game when she spent 5 years living in her family’s veterinary office, to pay off her student loans and build a solid financial foundation. 

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Exactly why you need an emergency fund with Victori Media’s Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap saw big dollar signs when she took a new job, but the red flags she ignored during the interview process soon created an impossible situation.. and a new appreciation for the emergency fund. she never thought she would have to use.

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