Financial Grownup Guide: Celebrating episode 200 with 20 quick and easy Financial Grownup tips + Behind the Scenes at the podcast and what’s next

Bobbi shares 20 quick and easy ways to be a little more Financial Grownup. Plus as we cross the 200 mark, Bobbi shares some of her hopes for the podcast as the show grows up. 

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Financial Grownup Guide - 4 Kindness tips for Grownups with Simple Acts author Natalie Silverstein

Part of being a grownup is learning to be thankful for what we have, and to give back. It all comes down to simple acts of kindness. We speak with, Natalie Silverstein,  the author of Simple Acts. The Busy Family’s Guide to Giving Back who shares specific ways even the busiest of grownups can give back to the community in ways that make all of our lives richer. 

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Financial Grownup Guide - Top new money books for grownups right now (May)

Welcome to a new installment of our monthly feature- and one of my favorite episodes-  here on the Financial Grownup podcast, quick reviews of the money books we are loving right now- and you might want to check out. This month’s books include:

Broke Millennial takes on Investing

Dig Your Heels In

An Economist Walks into a Brothel

Travel Anywhere and Avoid Being a Tourist

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Financial Grownup Guide- 3 actionable investing tips with "Broke Millennial Takes on Investing" author Erin Lowry.

Broke Millennial’s Erin Lowry joins Bobbi with 3 specific things you can do today to upgrade your investing strategy, along with her take on how to be a successful investor.  For example: How much should you be paying for your investments? How long should you set it and forget it- when do you check in on your investments? What is an investment audit? Are all index funds the same? Plus a preview of her new book “Broke Millennial Takes on Investing’ . How to tell if your goals are in line with the investment choices you are making? And what to do if you don’t understand an investment term but don’t want to ask. 

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Financial Grownup Guide: 7 ways to invest and make a positive impact with philanthropist Ellen Remmer of Invest for Better

Money is powerful and while it can’t solve the world’s problems, how we invest and the strategic decisions we make can have a huge impact. Learn what you need to look for in an investment, the questions to ask, and the best ways to make sure your investments have the impact you want. 

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Financial Grownup Guide: Organizational Tips for Financial Grownups with Pro-organizer Resourceful Consultants and "Secrets of an Organized Mom" author Barbara Reich

A big part of being a financial grownup is getting organized- and not just with our finances. This goes for our stuff, our technology and even our scheduling. Barbara Reich has shared her secrets with millions appearing on programs like the Today Show and in publications like the New York Times, and now shares with financial grownup listeners.

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Financial Grownup Guide: Top Books for Financial Grownups

Bobbi reveals her favorite new money related books, and how to decide if they are right for you. This month’s picks include Melissa Leong's Happy Go Money, Student Loan Solution by David Carlson, Nathan Latka’s How to be a Capitalist without any Capital, Women with Money by Jean Chatzky and Work Wife by Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur

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Financial Grownup Guide: 5 Spring Break Travel Money Tips with We Travel There podcast host Lee Huffman

Do Spring Break like a Financial Grownup! Amazing tips from guest co-host Lee Huffman, host of the We Travel There podcast which shares the locals perspective on destinations. Lee, who also writes the blog Bald Thoughts, shares 5 tips to save you money and let you focus on the fun.  

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Financial Grownup Guide - Top new money books for grownups right now

Bobbi reveals her favorite new money books, and how to know if they are right for you. This month’s picks include The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money. Thirteen Ways to Right Your Financial Wrongs by CBS News Business Analyst and Certified Financial Planner Jill Schlesinger,  Startup Money Made Easy: The Inc. Guide to Every Financial Question About Starting, Running and Grownup Your Business by Inc magazine Editor at Large Maria Aspan and Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny Pinching Way by Our Next Life blogger and podcaster Tanja Hester.

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Financial Grownup Guide: 5 Ways to Walk Your way to Success

Ditch the coffee and forget the drinks meeting. Walking is a proven way to bring out the most creative ideas- and make the best connections with the people who can help you succeed. We talk how to set up walking meetings, how to generate ideas while walking, and how to keep walking when the weather foils your plans. 

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Financial Grownup Guide: 3 Tips for Scholarship Success with guest co-host The Scholarship System’s Jocelyn Paonita Pearson

The secret to getting the most free money in the form of scholarships is in knowing the systems to use and the shortest, most efficient path to success. Jocelyn Paonita Pearson, creator of the Scholarship System joins Bobbi to talk specific strategies to get the most dollars to pay for your education or that of those you care about, without wasting time on dead ends.

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Financial Grownup Guide: 3 Tips for Living in Expensive Cities

Big cities have a lot to offer- but can be expensive. Co-host Grant Sabatier, creator of Millennnial Money and author of the new book “Financial Freedom. A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need” recently moved to New York City despite the costs. He shares his three biggest tips to making it work for your financial grownup money goals, and still live life to the fullest.

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